Codeigniter is an open source rapid development framework for web applications with the Model View controller (MVC) design. Its flexibility and small size enable us to deliver agile web applications in a very small budget and tight schedule. The PHP base of Codeigniter enables our developers to deliver RAD applications for a variety of business needs.

Codeigniter Benefits

  • MVC based system with nearly zero configuration and exceptional performance.
  • It is a lightweight and fluid platform.
  • Easy to understand and time-efficient development process.
  • No 'installation' required.
  • Full operational and feature-filled database classes for multiple platforms.
  • Enables easy programming and no restrictive coding rules.
  • Provides live database support.
  • Flexibility in URL Routing and supports SEO friendly URLs.

What we offer?

  • Codeigniter Web Development.
  • Codeigniter Application Development.
  • Codeigniter Social Networking Solutions.
  • Codeigniter Portal Development.
  • Codeigniter Ecommerce/Shopping Cart Development.
  • Codeigniter Custom CMS Development.
  • Codeigniter Enterprise Apps Development.
  • Codeigniter Integration with SugarCRM.
  • Codeigniter API Development.
  • Codeigniter Maintenance & Support.