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Nov 17, 2023Blog

Evalogical Provides Excellent Web and App Development Solutions


The Indian IT Industry significantly contributes to the countrys economic development and facilitates responsible and efficient governance. Around 56% of Indian IT companies are working hard to contribute to the global outsourcing market revenue. Evalogical is one of the most trusted and responsible companies that delivers high-quality custom IT products & services since 2016.

Evalogical is one team with multiple skills. Originated by four extremely intelligent mindsets in Kerala, India - a state known for the quality of education and this Malabar region of India has achieved a human development index far beyond that of the world's developing countries. Hence, Evalogical proclaims what it does, is for the benefit of the global tech fraternity. 

Being six years in business and having delivered over 100+ IT solutions to over 50+ clients from more than ten countries brought them up among the most sought-after countries in India to acquire full-stack IT products and services, all at the same place. The company works hard to uplift startups to medium-level businesses and consults IT giants to get blessed with next-generation technology solutions. It is an excellent development and design studio that delivers top-notch Web and Mobile solutions through its talented pool of expert engineers, developers, designers, and analysts. In short, it gives your business or brand a deserving online presence worldwide. 

Premium Suite of Web Development, Design, and QA Services by Evalogical

Team Evalogical works in an integrative environment and makes the best use of technologies to create stunning websites, unique mobile products, ERP & IT products, and so on that simplify human life and help a business to grow. The company is highly determined to connect a brand with its suitable customer base. It uses agile methodologies and out-of-the-box thinking to bring its customers the best user experience.

The team develops ready-to-use custom-made website versions from scratch to efficiently channel sales and grow the company. It all happens following a metrics-driven system supported by secured data integration. Customer-friendly complex to responsive websites with the latest technology stack with third-party, custom ERP, IoT, AI/AR/ VR integrations are made available after thorough testing and quality check procedures. 

Evalogical's professional app developers are always keen to deliver top-quality mobile applications with the latest technology stack. Customized iOS, Android, native and cross-platform app solutions are developed using aesthetic UI/UX, the fastest means to acquire globally recognized levels of digital transformation. Tailor-made interactive UI and UX design services are offered to provide impressive user experiences. Immersive, purposeful, and multiplatform UX designs created by the experienced designers of the company ensure promising lead conversions and makes it recognized as the top web designing (UI/UX) company in India by GoodFirms - a leading review and rating service provider globally. 

ColdFusion is an Adobe-based commercial rapid web-development platform that takes care of the backend website development at Evalogic quickly. Tailor-made ecommerce web development and design solutions make an E-commerce business noticed in the B2B marketplace by securing a relevant customer base. Evalogical offers its clients another attractive service of logistics software development to minimize the chaos related to logistics processes and lessen their hurdles related to IT, operations, transport, and communication. The company enables businesses to rendezvous with their world of success through the best video conference integration and design services.

Evalogical provides a full suite of high-end QA testing services to offer customers a seamless and qualitative product development experience. Functional, Non-functional, Compatibility and Automated testing based on Agile software architecture are offered to meet the International Standards of Quality in the organization.

Below is the list of clients who have experienced impeccable services delivered by Evalogical.

What makes Evalogical different from others?

Evalogical believes in presenting result-centric web and IT products to its clients that can garner their business objectives in the right direction. It uses the most augmented and optimized approach to create interactive web structures, superb graphics, intelligent IT products, and creative market collateral. A proper and streamlined process makes Evalogical different from its counterparts and enables it to gain an excellent reputation. 

The company begins with the crucial project assessment by unfolding project requirements and assessing its clients' technological resources and customization needs. The site architecture design has a customer-first approach to provide a seamless user experience. All the essential requirements pertaining to the projects are fulfilled during website development. Further, the QA team checks for the device and browser friendliness of the product following its final deployment. Officially, the project is handed over to the client after a strategic live session by the team, assuring full-fledged after-sales support to get improved results.

Evalogical credits a large group of happy and satisfied customers. A few of the positive testimonials received from the customers are displayed below.

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Evalogical has attained a significant benchmark by providing quality web services to its global clientele. The company is known best for its result-centric approach to developing IT products that virtually magnify the worth of a business. The company's progress reveals it is determined to expand its horizons of success in the coming time.

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