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Nov 17, 2023Blog

How is Social Media for Logistics Business actually worth it?


Social Media for Logistics is one of the lesser-known realities in this fast-moving world. Yes, if we have an IT product, service, an online store, an influencer, or even an entrepreneur, it is great. Social media is a vent to open your connections with the world. However, how can we build a bond between the logistics industry and the power of Social Media? I have experienced the nuances of social media in various industries adding more value to their business. Logistics is no different story and I will entail how we can use social media for logistics to the fullest.

Social Media has become an important factor in our daily lives, right from personal updates to business updates. All go through social media and they rule our social world in fact. Isn't it is easy to manage social media accounts right? Not exactly, each of the social media accounts has its own specific audiences and media types.

What is Social Media for Logistics Business?

  • In the case of Logistics businesses, the end user would be large corporate, small time entrepreneurs, and small companies who wish to spread their business across a large area.
  • While normally, companies use social media to promote their products, here it is a bit different.  
  • Social Media for Logistics Business is used to collaborate with other logistics companies across the globe.
  • Social Media for Logistics Business is used to spread information.
  • Social Media for Logistics Business is to give small startups ideas on how they can connect their customers worldwide.
  • Social Media for Logistics Businesses will help bridge the gap between customers, product lines, and companies in a transparent manner.

Types of Social Media for Logistics Business

Social Media for Logistics Business with Facebook – Let your Visuals Empower Clients with Confidence

Remember it should be on a friendly pitch, the main reason for producing the content up here is to get connected with your audiences not to boost your logistics business.

Here is the list of things you can do on Facebook:

  1. Encourage people to leave their feedback on Facebook. Rating helps us to build the trust of your brand in social media.
  2. Post video testimonials of your clients on Facebook, don't be pushy or fancy. Ask your customer to be super real about it, let their excitement and happiness cover the video frames. Of course, hiring a video editing professional would help you to boost the video views to another million. Don't sweat too much, there are freelancers to do that magic touch, leave it to them.
  3. Creating informative videos for your consumers such as,
  • How to wrap the furniture while moving?
  • Things you need to look out, for while you are transporting fragile objects.
  • How to arrange things in a container, to effectively manage your space?
  • Things you should ask logistics vendors before paying the charges.
  • Educate them on how the rates and package costs are charged by the logistics vendor.

Please don’t create your product ads and push them to the crowd. I personally think it's pushy because nobody wants to see your product ads on social media. People come here for relaxation, so make use of the space well. 

Social Media for Logistics Business with Instagram - Videos / High-Quality Images

You can't use the same videos created for Facebook here on Instagram too. You need to innovate and communicate on this platform. There is no victory without sacrifices. Here is the list of things I would recommend:

  • Create Short videos or the famous Instagram Reels using Instagram - boomerang feature.
  • Pictures of your office, Logistic Equipment.
  • Hire a freelance photographer, to take these shots or be innovative enough to learn and take the shots.
  • Showcase your company culture, using funny gestures.

Understand the psychology up here - Instagram folks are mostly teenagers, who want to watch something fun, not your promotional video. They are quite generous in sharing and commenting on your posts. Use them wisely.

But they have dreams and aspire to have their own businesses one day. So have a grip on emotions and add value-based content to this.

Social Media for Logistics Business with Twitter – Let the Relaxed Conversations Tweet Away

The best part of using Twitter if you could reach a large amount of crowd without any connections. Using the right hashtags, Twitter will drive your tweets to the right team. That’s the result most of the social media users prefer Twitter to other social media tools.

  • Just a few lines of tweets, not your promotional tweets. Conversational tweets.
  • Engage your employees to engage with tweets.
  • Use the medium to make the announcement with your internal and external clients.
  • Use your unique hashtags or trending ones.
  • Congratulate your employees on Twitter.

Logistics Business with Linkedin – A Touch of Elite Professionalism

Heard about B2B Marketing? Well, that’s what preps up right here on this platform. Linkedin is where you have to unleash your business dragon. There are several things you can share and empower your LinkedIn profile. But make sure you have an impactful website to showcase the world here. You need to work with professional web development and web design service experts for this purpose. Let's get it right over this time.

  • History of your business
  • New Business Venture you have signed up
  • New Logistic Device Procurement
  • Business Partners
  • All your business viewed as a niche problem

There are several ways you could social media profiles to boost the social presence of your logistics business. Hope this article was helpful.


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