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Nov 17, 2023Blog

Progressive Web Apps Development: A Must for Advanced Web Development Services


Progressive Web Apps are the backbone of our lifestyle today. Have you ever realized the extent of dependency we have on PWA or Progressive Web Apps? As we know mobile devices are going to be the future of the world, and tech people are more focused on mobile to reach out for their products, communication, and entertainment. We all know people using mobile phones is rising more than at any time. So here is the possibility and use of Progressive Web App (PWA). If you want to build a Revenue-Generating Website E-commerce store, or Gaming web app, then this page will help you.

We, at Evalogical, have been developing and designing user-centric websites and mobile apps using outstanding Progressive Web Apps and the latest technology stack. We have partnered with many companies to help take off their plans to excellence. Often we have noticed the boons of PWA and this is what we like to detail right below.

So What is this Progressive Web App or PWA?

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web application that helps to run modern web technologies, native mobile components, etc which help to produce a Native mobile application. It behaves like a native application and also it gives more performance than any other web application.

Where are Progressive Web Apps being used?

Let’s just say, your stock of monthly groceries is over. You need to go shopping and time is limited. So, the next viable option is to use the shopping app. It could be a designer store E-commerce app or an online marketplace like Amazon where you choose to shop everything. Then you pay the bill using the online banking mode and get them delivered to the mentioned address.

Now, all this is a lengthy process and can drain your pocket. This is where PWAs can assist every company, SMEs, and mid-sized companies in a cost- and result-oriented manner.

Advantages of Progressive Web Apps

Better Performance

Progressive Web App (PWAs) performs better than web apps because it works flawlessly at all possible internet connection speeds. It works better on low internet and also it helps to run some of the operations even if the mobile is offline.

Progressive Web Apps work in Offline Mode

Since these are built on an advanced version of APIs, they can be used on the go and across devices without disrupting data at any time. This is possible because they are connected to the web independently. It can work in the background which helps give you notifications even if you are not active.

Easy Installation

They can be easily installed into various devices and are highly secure. This has helped our clients to use advanced features like plugins, and communicate with the web ecosystem seamlessly.


PWAs are more affordable than creating a website in the traditional manner. This is because the system owns a single codebase that can be strategic, result-oriented, and user-friendly. For instance, our Web Development Experts in India will help you improve your existing website without must delay and with total security. We can deliver a single product to any mobile platform like Android, Ios, Windows, etc which makes cost effective also. Using the right web development services digital businesses can grow to the next level.

Some of the PWA frameworks used to get mobile experiences and offer the same benefits of Native applications:

For example:

  • Camera
  • Location
  • Map
  • Push notifications
  • File Access
  • Offline operations

These are some of the Native App features that PWA can access.

1. Check the Native features which can be accessed by PWA: What we can Do

2. You can try this PWA application like

Disadvantages of PWA

  • Not all features of Native can access
  • Not all browsers support full features
  • Not completely iOS-friendly

The best PWA frameworks in the markets today

  • React
  • Angular JS
  • Polymer
  • Webpack
  • Ionic

Progressive Web Apps Example

Twitter, Uber, and Spotify are a few to mention

For instance, you can download Twitter on any device, and watch the old feeds offline and they work independently at ease.

Winding up

We are hopeful that the PWA can access more native features and make more native-friendly web apps. Technology brings new amazing stuff day by day so we tech freaks are also keen to get to work on new things every day. Even we are making PWA in our studio, so why are you guys waiting to make a new PWA app?

For more researched content, keep following us. If you do need a Native application project and a seamless PWA website, we can help you. Partner with us and get a developer to build the best websites and mobile apps. Our Portfolio showcases how we have delivered spectacular websites, IT products, and mobile applications from scratch.


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