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Nov 17, 2023Blog

Website UX Audit: What, How and Why Businesses Benefit from a UX Design Audit?


Website UX Audit is a highly strategic approach within UX/UI development services. It has many untold reasons why it can leverage the business to an exceptional level. For those companies that have outdated websites, or even new ones, this is for you. Today, if you have a website, there will be a time where you will encounter certain challenges that tag along with an improperly done website. We at Evalogical deliver exceptional UX/UI development services along with website development services – as we know you are here to run a business and not simply invest in IT. This is where we step up and build entrepreneurial dreams beside you.  

To start with, let’s say you have an E-commerce website. Alternatively, you may have service packages to sell or even few Saas products on the website. As per your Google Analytics, it can reveal the type of website visitor, the time spent and their movement pattern too. 

Here, you notice, that they have gone all the way to cart, placed the order and suddenly, they leave. That keeps every IT team and marketing team wonder, what went wrong? Here, the culprit, would be the design – something more teams do not notice. Here we explain how and why this aspect needs to be understood and then fixed.   

What is Website UX Audit?  

Better explained as the Usability Audit, this kind of Audit is part of the fundamental process of a website, and even a mobile app evaluation.  For companies, that aim to do business via their E-commerce store or want to sell exclusive digital products, make sure that you use the best UI/UX development services near you, as that will keep website visitors in the loop of your website communications optimally. 

The Website UX Audit will: 

  • Spot the core issues in the website, mobile app, IT product etc. 
  • Define how to solve the issues and bring the conversion rates of the website 
  • Help analyze the product on the whole and suggest better solutions for augmented online visibility, and customer satisfaction.  

How does a UX audit company do a website audit for UX/UI? 

Just like you would evaluate your MVP, the core UX/UI design team will evaluate all the pain points in your website.  

A proper functionality check is done for the User experience audit, so that the website design team can pinpoint what needs to be fixed, improved and scaled up as necessary. 

Here at Evalogical, a seamless process of Website UX audit is done: 

  • Custom made Project Summary

We take up the Project from scratch as each UX design demands are different. This will include the goals, end user type and expectations, comparison of reality and goals and then a detailed study of analytics.  

  • Methodology Suggestions

To tackle the situation, the user behavior is looked into, and various quantitative metrics are considered in the process, this customer experience mapping process will give an overview of user experiences. That will help us state the A/B test evaluation, and changes required to reach the marketing goals. 

  • Test the Methods Undertaken

Nothing is over without a comprehensive test at Evalogical. So, whether you need professional website development services or an engaging website design service from our IT experts in India – we undertake the tests. Our green signal means you can head to the next phase of ROI planning and execution. 

Does our extensive UX audit sound worth trying? Talk to us to know further.  

Why should businesses conduct a professional Website UX Audit?  

  • Know whether the Potholes are

Unless you know what the error is, how would you fix it? So, only expert UX/ UI web designers can spot out where the issue lies. Waste less time and get detail oriented UI/UX audit to clear out any complex issues. 

  • Strategy based Solutions

No more guesswork, when a well renowned UX audit company works with you. Based on tools, analytics and tests, a fool proof strategy for UX/UI design is delivered.  

  • Get ideas from the Experts

A professional website UX audit should be done by experts, as they have ample years experience working with multiple industries. They guide on various factors like usability heuristics, custom made prototyping website service, customer journey mapping etc. 

  • Stops Navigation Ambiguity

Leave the worry of confusing your website visitor on how to use your website. With a proper website UX audit team to assist you, the right pages, links, and sitemap will guide visitors on what to do seamlessly.  

What are the benefits of a quality oriented Website UX Audit for any company?

  • Better Customer Engagement

A good UX/UI website design means visitors feel safe and satisfied to keep coming back and engaging with the website. So, whether you have a travel website similar to what we have done, an E-commerce store, or an educational mobile app, the user experience will be the best.  

  • Augmented Sales Strategies

More visitors mean better sales opportunities. So, here you can plan powerful sales strategies to influence each visitor to convert into a customer. 

  • ROI Increase

Skip the hassle for continual marketing and increase your profits in the long run. A quality UX design audit will infer patterns of traffic generation using the best UX practices always. 

  • Consistent User Base Growth

A user friendly mobile app or website increases the user base and leverages the sales. So, make sure to invest in the right UX design as that will speak for the company to a large extent.  

  • Reduced Overhead Costs

A professional Website UX audit will hint what will work and what will not work on the IT product. Furthermore, the metrics will reveal cost effective techniques to improve online visibility, user experiences and customer satisfaction.  

To Wrap Up

In case, your website does seem stagnant, it means that you will have a backlog of metrics and data to study. Instead of understanding what the numbers mean, it is best to conduct a target oriented Website UX audit and know where and what to do next. In short, a good website UX/UI audit is a must have process for every business. For more professional IT consultations, send us a message or book a free consultation with us and we will be happy to clear it for you.  


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